We would like to introduce this company, its competencies and objectives to you briefly and also take a look at its past development:

The “Bosch Laboratoire” in Paris, founded by chemist Mr Jérôme Bosch, is dedicated to research and development of antistatic liquids. The background of this decision was that the multiple problems in connection with electrostatic charges due to different products supplied by industry could not really be solved.

On the one hand, most products were short-lived and, on the other hand, most of them were unsuitable for direct contact, e.g., with food. Besides, the antistatic products available changed the structure of the end products without providing them with antistatic finish for a long time and, more importantly, of lasting effect.

In their efforts, the Bosch Laboratoire in Paris proceeded from the principle that a specific antistatic agent should be developed for every field of application if the required product characteristics were to be fulfilled and outstanding results achieved.

This principle has not changed to this day because the Bosch Laboratories GmbH founded by Mr. R. J. Bosch in 2003, took over the development, production and global distribution of antistatic agents under the premise that these fundamental principles would be followed strictly.

To this end, all known methods were thoroughly analysed because we always have the excellent efficiency of our antistatic agents in focus.

The antistatic agents, which are produced from special raw materials by specific processes after long research and development, always provide the basis to which other substances are added to obtain the action required for a particular application. These discrete development steps yield high-efficiency antistatic materials which, for example, have an additional cleaning function. This enables us to warrant the best possible antistatic action along with outstanding additional special characteristics of a product.

This approach makes us different from all competitors the world over, who add a substance with antistatic properties by conventional method and therefore often obtain only an insufficient antistatic effect or even negative impacts on the medium treated.

On the basis of our extensive experience we can claim that that there is no single antistatic agent that would be suitable for all materials,

And exactly that experience and that know-how in antistatic agent research describe the very special competence of Bosch Laboratories that can hardly be equalled by anyone else.

The results of many years of research and development are excellent, indeed because our external antistatic agents combine the following product characteristics:


  • They eliminate the electrostatic charge immediately
  • The enormous persistence, even to high temperature fluctuations
  • Their excellent resistance to mechanical friction
  • Very long effect, depending on requirements and use conditions
  • They are not toxic and are biologically degradable
  • Certain products can be in direct contact with food
  • Applied to the treated surface, they are completely invisible
  • There are no negative effects or changes, not even after repeated application of a surface
  • The antistatic action and the possible direct contact with food are confirmed by independent laboratories
  • Extreme resistance to several corona discharges for which they were tested
  • Their wide spectrum of application


Individual problem solutions from Bosch Laboratories for microelectronics and the printing industry but also for long-term protection of packaging from soiling in the cosmetic sector have been tested and stood the test internationally.

Our antistatic products are used in industry as well as in the end consumer market, mainly in the following:

  • Plastics industry
  • Packaging industry
  • Printing and photo industries
  • Microelectronics and semi-conductor industry
  • Textile industry
  • Paper industry
  • Automotive industry


  • Interior decorations
  • Furniture
  • Electric goods retail
  • Automotive accessories / filling stations
  • Hairdresser utensils


 In view of the versatility of use and increasing problems with electrostatic charge, we are at home in an innovative and growing segment where we will continue to work with success.

As innovative complement of our range of antistatic agents, we also produce high-efficiency anti-fog products on the basis of nanochemistry. They prevent fogging of mirrors, windows, acryl, spectacles, lenses, etc. efficiently and with long effect. In addition, we develop and sell a range of non-standard and innovative long-term  sealing agents based on the particularly promising nanotechnology and certain problem solvers such as, e.g., high-efficiency and active odour killers. These products add to the diversification of our innovative products developed for high-efficiency and active surface finishing in the indoor and outdoor sectors. As a rule, these products are marketed separately under our proprietary and protected name of nanostatic®. During the last few years, we have established a network of different cooperation partners, including from other sectors, which ensures for us a high degree of flexibility, in addition to the development of faster and ever more efficient customised solutions.

To tell the Bosch Laboratories GmbH apart from Robert Bosch GmbH in Stuttgart, we undertook, under an agreement out of court, to change our firm name to J. Bosch Laboratories GmbH. with effect of November 1, 2004.  This change of name has also been entered in the register of companies. In turn we can use our corporate „Bosch Laboratories“ throughout the world and without restriction. Hence, the market appearance of this firm has not changed at all.

In order to satisfy a growing customer demands and capacities, we have expanded and moved within Germany to a larger production and administration site from Lüdinghausen to Ense in August 2014.

We hope to have provided brief and informative background information on ourselves, our principle and the way we work and will be glad to provide more information on our products and the firm to you on request


Bosch Laboratories GmbH

Bosch Laboratories GmbH