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The most important advantages and characteristics of our highly-effective, liquid coating agent.


Product and Usage Advantages

  • It can be used from the manufacturing stage, during processing or on the finished product.
  • Available as a watery or quick-drying ethanol solution
  • Long-term effect lasting more than 2 years
  • Does not affect looks, feel and taste
  • Can immediately used the desired characteristic(s)
  • Multi-functional characteristics in one product if needed (e.g. anti-static & anti-interlock)
  • Foodstuff certification according to applicable EU guideline 10/2011 (LR 44 series)
  • Plant-based
  • Biodegradable, physiologically safe and safe to use
  • Tailor-made solutions for your needs

Benefits After Coating

  • Added value and competitive advantage thanks to the additional characteristics of the equipped materials
  • Reduced adhesion
  • Increased scratch-resistance
  • Prevents condensation build-up
  • Reduces material interlocking
  • Improves cuttability
  • Greatly-reduces clinging dust
  • Prevents renewed electrostatic charging
  • Increases assembly line speed
  • Ideal processing
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