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Functional, highly-effective, liquid coating material for the plastics, paper, textile and ESD sector.

Using our years of know-how and decades of experience, we have achieved numerous external anti-static, anti-interlock, anti-scratch, anti-fog and anti-flammability solutions that have been successfully taken root in many different industries.

We can offer you one of the largest liquid coating agent portfolios. However, should we fail to have the suitable product for you, we will simply develop it for you. Our flexibility allows us to use both existing coating methods and develop your customised application solution with our qualified partners.

Our objective is to offer production-optimized solutions and, furthermore, give each material additional characteristics that make it more competitive in terms of customer benefit and quality in all of its markets.

Ultimately, our innovative products promise a “competitive advantage” and “added value”.

BIO-based liquid coating agents


Bosch Laboratories anti-static coatings against unwanted material adhesion, prevent dust and dirt accumulation, and furthermore protect man, machine and sensitive components from ESD.


Bosch Laboratories anti-block coatings prevent the interlocking of two material surfaces, protect against wear, and allow for quicker processing operations that are easier on the materials.


Bosch Laboratories anti-scratch coatings increase scratch-resistance, produce smoother and wear-resistant surfaces and provide long-term protection to the product’s aesthetics and functionality.


Bosch Laboratories anti-fog coatings prevent condensation build-up in the packaging, medicine and optics, even in high humidity conditions and great temperature differences.


Bosch Laboratories anti-flame coatings are used for textiles such as cotton, wool, etc., absorbent papers, cardboard and thin plywood in order to reduce flammability and delay its combustion.


Bosch Laboratories anti-flame coatings are used for textiles such as cotton, wool, etc., absorbent papers, cardboard and thin plywood in order to reduce flammability and delay its combustion.

Why Bosch Laboratories?

An Overview of our Advantages:

  • Added value and competitive advantage thanks to the additional characteristics of your refined materials.
  • An innovative product portfolio of highly-effective products that are mostly suitable for use in the foodstuff industry according to the latest EU guidelines.
  • Expertise and years of experience in developing and manufacturing liquid coating agents
  • Tailor-made product developments to customer-specific, application-technical solutions
  • High flexibility and quick implementation due to flat hierarchical structure
  • Interdisciplinary network of highly-specialized partners in mechanical engineering, medicine, physics and electrostatic systems and application technology

This ist what our clients say

With the antistatic-antiblock coating agent ANTISTAT LR 44 from Bosch Laboratories we were able to accelerate enormously the running of our foil strips and to increase significantly our production process/our efficiency.

Rüdiger L (Manager within the section Production engineering)

This ist what our clients say

With ANTISTAT LR 44 we are both able to increase the efficiency of our production process and to satisfy our customers’ demands of treated/equipped plastic materials in the processing sector (Converting).

Jürgen Z (Director / Foil production)

This is what our clients say

We used ANTIFOG-AFAS 550 with conductive properties for our food packaging. The external application is economic because the application quantities of the product, regardless of material thickness, stay constantly on a low level.

Patrick T  (Project Manager / processing-Food-Packaging)

This is what our clients say

After the coating of our PMMA Sheets for the production of high-gloss fronts with ANTISTAT anti-scratch from Bosch Laboratories, we minimized their sensitivity to scratching and reduced significantly material waste.

Thorsten E (Leader Competence Team Product Development)

This is what our clients say

Odour Destroyer ZR 100 from Bosch Laboratories eliminates quickly and effectively

transport-related unpleasant smells of our textiles.

Martin F  (Sales textile solutions)

Bosch Laboratories GmbH

Bosch Laboratories GmbH