Application Process & Usage Areas

Optimum surface coating can generally be ensured only by selecting the correct coating process in question. Surface coating can only be performed using different application processes.

Application Processes

  • Rotor damping system
  • Spray application
  • Roller application
  • Felt and sponge application
  • Intanglio printing and flexo printing process
  • Immersion bath method
  • Linear scrub systems
  • Manual installation using a wiping process, sprayer etc…

Selecting the ideal, suitable application process depends on both the material to be equipped and application area and the particular purpose.


Usage Areas

Surface finishing can be performed on many different carrier materials.

  • All kinds of packaging materials made of plastic, paper & textile (food & non-food sector)
  • Films for the thermoforming sector, technical films and labels, plates, etc.
  • Castings and injection-moulded parts, PMMA sheets, hollow bodies and all types of plastic containers
  • Synthetic fabric, monofilaments and multi-filaments, technical fleece fabric etc.
  • ESD areas such as the floors, work areas, warehouse, equipment and accessories

Feel free to contact our application-technical department for clarification on the application to be used for the respective field of application and material to be equipped. We will find out both the right choice of coating material to be used and the ideal, suitable application process for you.

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